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Shopping for a new computer can be difficult and frustrating for the uninitiated. There’s so much unfamiliar language thrown around, that it’s easy to feel like you’ve fallen into an inhospitable foreign country. Some people seem all too willing to help, and they’ll throw out all sorts of recommendations, but those don’t really make any sense, and are they really recommending the best you can get?

I know when I was looking for my laptop I had a hard time figuring out what the latest technology as it changes so quickly. Let this article serve as your translator through the territory of buying a new laptop for video editing in 2013. Maybe you want to upload videos and films to your website or go for a following on Youtube.

Top Rated Laptop for Video Editing

Dell Inspiron i15R-2369sLV 15-Inch Laptop

The new Inspiron 15R features a 15.

Laptop Consumer reviews

  • “For all of you not living in states buy something else like HP, APPLE, but DELL.” – Rigoberto Iraheta
  • “This laptop is very fast, windows 8 works great!” – MARIA ARGUELLO
  • “Easy to use, easy to learn Windows 8.” – Christine Borkenhagen

Samsung Series 7 NP700Z7C-S03US 17.3-Inch Laptop (Silver)

Graphics ChipNVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650MExternal or IntegratedExternal (Optimus)Maximum Graphics Memory 1 GB GDDR5

Laptop Buyers Guide

  • “The displays on both laptops are very good.” – J. Q. Kennedy
  • “Save your money buy from a different manufacturer this is junk.” – Johnny
  • “CON: Takes some getting used to the off-center keyboard, but am getting there.” – Kaye Olson

ASUS G75VW-DS72 17.3-Inch Laptop (Black)


Laptop Customer Reviews

  • “If you want to know what problems you might face with this laptop read this letter below to Asus that I sent after test driving a second G75 for a month.” – Cannon
  • “The provided CD helped get the drivers installed no problem.” – Keith
  • “I think I’ve said enough and you can see how pleased I am with my purchase.” – Rick Fuller

ASUS A55VD-AH71 15.6-Inch Laptop

A55VD-AH71, Mocha, 15.

Laptop Buyers Guide

  • “The laptop overall feels very sturdy.” – ganondorf02
  • “This item is one of the best product which I have ever bought, taking in to consideration several things.” – Alex
  • “I do like some of the security features of win8 compared to 7 and removed the free trial version of McAfee to install windows defender.” – lorenzo

Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5C-S01US 15.6-Inch Laptop (Silver)

Samsung Series 7 PC

Laptop Customer Reviews

  • “I enthusiastically recommend this computer as a high functioning, highly portable machine with great build quality and rock solid performance.” – PleaseFryMe
  • “One thing that annoyed me is that keyboard backlighting doesn’t always adjust immediately from the Fn keys, but that’s a very minor complaint.” – James
  • “What customer service?” – DG in Napa

Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5A-S09US 15.6-Inch Laptop (Silver)

Enjoy powerful, best in class, fast performance with the latest Intel Core processor and innovative ExpressCache technology for ultra fast processing and Internet access.

Laptop Product Reviews

  • “Overall the thing looks and feels great.” – K. Tabor
  • “The track pad for using the mouse can sometimes be a bit unbearable and its over sensitive sometimes highlighting entire pages when nothing is clicked.” – Maverick0510
  • “First off, for what its worth, you can actually get this laptop at Best Buy for 150 cheaper.” – Kittenparade

Samsung Series 7 Gamer NP700G7C-T01US 17.3-Inch Laptop (Yellow)

Immerse yourself into maximum gaming experience with the Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop PC (model NP700G7C-T01US), which is supercharged with the blistering processing power of a quad-core Intel processor and AMD Radeon graphics with 2 GB of video memory.

Laptop Consumer Reports

  • “The overall build quality looks really good.” – Shootist
  • “Well how else was I going to REALLY find out but throw some money @ Samsung and take one home, right?” – A. Haigler
  • “On a secondary note, I did not care for Windows 8.” – pecan

Samsung Series 7 Gamer NP700G7C-S01US 17.3-Inch Laptop

Samsung Series 7 PC

Laptop Product Reviews

  • “This laptop is very powerful.” – Gregory E. Suarez
  • “Overall I really love this laptop but, honestly, you can get more bang for the buck by buying from a different manufacturer such as MSI.” – Stephen Mathews
  • “One thing I do not like is how warm the laptop gets on the underside, near the top-left: if left on bare skin, the laptop will get very hot!” – Matthew S.

Samsung 15.6 Series 7 Gaming Laptop 8GB 1TB | NP700Z5A-S0BUS

When inspiration hits, make sure you have a laptop that can keep up.

Laptop Product Reviews

Samsung Series 7 NP700Z7C-S01US 17.3-Inch Laptop (Silver)

Enjoy powerful, best in class, fast performance with the latest Intel Core processor and innovative ExpressCache technology for ultra fast processing and Internet access.

Laptop Product Reviews

  • “I would buy it again and would highly recommend it if you are looking for a top of the line very nice and fast laptop.” – Fuzzybottoms
  • “I will be buying more Samsung products when looking for electronics.” – John Ellison
  • “I noticed some of the larger laptops have little plastic feet on the bottom, presumably to let air flow around the base when the computer is on a hard surface.” – Mo2 ADHD

Suggestions of the Best Laptop

Do you have any Laptop suggestions that you think those Laptop would love or any feedback on the suggestions in this page? Please feel free to add a comment below.

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